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We owe a huge thank you to all the folks who organized the Etsy Holiday Shop (a truly amazing space that is well worth a visit if you are in NYC) and invited Designer’s Debate Club to be a part of it. The debate was as hilarious as it was heated, and I think we all went home feeling a little more confident that the world’s problems are being taken care of, one debate at a time. But for reals, the debaters did an amazing job, along with our magnanimous moderator Cameron.

This is just the start for Designer’s Debate Club. Each event can only get better from here. We’re working on v2 of the site so you can track when the next event is coming, sign up for a newsletter, submit topic ideas, read up on past events, and maybe even discuss the issues right there. For now, follow @DesignDebaters to keep abreast of developments. Your foes on the debate floor and friends in life, Jon and Keenan.

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