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An Unedited view of design and thought process:

work, experimental and otherwise by Keenan Cummings

Original Archiving Company is the inspiration curating / cataloguing arm of Koseli’s new brand. She’s a jack-of-all-trades copywriter, reader, editor, explorer, finder, discoverer, sharer. We wanted to build a brand that could start small and grow with her. 

The Original Arhiving Co. blog will be the start of this new brand, with a portfolio of her writing work and a store to come later.

- Naming -

Koseli is the core of the brand. From there, we’ve used a consistent naming convention (Original _______ Co.) to label her portfolio of writing work, her blog, and a soon-to-come store.

- Color Palette -

This palette can feel more masculin, but paired with the right type and illustration it can work well with the slightly more feminine branding. (I was working on this late Saturday night. Kos came out Sunday morning, having seen none of the work, and was dressed in almost this exact palette. I guess my gut was right.)

- Illustrations -

The core of the brand is Kos, and her creative source of inspiration has always been her reading and writing. I wanted the illustrations, as a representation of her, to reflect that.

- Typography -

After a brief obsession with Modern Serifs (Freight,Farnham, Mercury, Tisa) I’ve returned to the classic serifs like Baskerville, Garamond, and Caslon. Pair it with a few good Sans and you’re set.  (truth is that is not Proxima Nova below. I design with Gotham and then hook up to typekit to host Proxima Nova on the site. Simple workaround.)

- Brand Assets & Styles -

I did a series of explorations and assets that could be used and reused in many manifestations of the brand. Keeping photography styles consistent, limiting the color palette, and including simple illustration makes for a clear brand that fits her well.

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